Bird Sanctuary - Audubon Society -

48″ id x 16′ base / 30″” Id x 16′ tower. Swift sanctuary, grooved interior, screened top, Audubon Society requested for Corvallis, Oregon. Rendering done by Sheila Rogers.



Representatives for Audubon reached out to Advantage Precast Inc and we discussed their needs.

They wanted to replace a chimney that was an existing bird habitat with a precast tower, because the birds’ home was scheduled for demolition.

We designed a 48” extended base,reducing to 30” precast concrete pipe. Early on we did a CAD drawing (Eric Hansberry) and then we followed with an artist rendering (Sheila Rogers) to let the bird lovers share the concept with their stakeholders. The tower was installed recently. (See CAD & Artist rendering).

NPCA Article


Artists Rendering


Cad Drawing

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