Culvert / Bridge

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Advantage Precast offers many solutions for bridge or culvert. These structures can be utilized for many applications such as:

Vehicular Crossing/Underpass
Wildlife Crossing/Underpass
Golf Cart Crossing/Underpass
Pedestrian Crossing/Underpass
Stormwater Detention/Transmission
Rail Road Crossings/Underpass

Fish Passage
Wine Caves
Panic Rooms
Vault Structures
Stream Crossings

Typical Products we produce:

• Four Sided Box Culvert – Produced in spans from 2’x2’.
• Three Sided Flat Top Culvert - Produced in spans from 2’.
• Three Sided Arch - Produced from 8’ through 48’ clear spans.
• Precast Beam Span Bridge – Complete solutions in a variety of spans and widths.
• Temporary Detour Bridge - Portable bridges are ideal for construction detours and other temporary or permanent applications.

A few of these structures are listed below: As with all of our products if you do not see what you need, give us a call and we can assist you with your site challenge.