Staff & Team

Staff & Team – Advantage Precast, Inc.

The Staff & Team at Advantage Precast, Inc. are industry professionals with extensive experience in their fields. The sales team will service the customer’s project needs from start to finish. Not sure what you need? Just ask. We will find the right product for the right project.

The Staff & Team at Advantage Precast, Inc. are hard working and loyal employees who take pride in the quality of their work. We won’t send a product out unless it passes our Quality Assurance test. We encourage our employees to be active in the community and support any volunteer programs or charitable organizations they are interested in.

Please contact our staff below for any questions you might have. You may also send an email to our general address if you don’t see the department you’re looking for let us know.

Moises Cedillo – Operations Manager

Raised in the weatherization industry and doing Roofing, Siding, Windows and Insulation since the age of 9, I love to build/create concepts. It could be anything from watching a drawing come to life to renovating an old shack, and ultimately exploring the diversity of concrete.
Some of the accomplishments that help me in my current role are:

  • Associates degree in Management (Chemeketa Community College)
  • Graduate of the Leadership Development Lab (Turbo)
  • Certified ODOT Quality Control Technician
  • Certified ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician

Advantage Precast has been a great employer and since the day I stepped on to the property I have been treated with respect and opportunity. I learned the product and was always offered a new challenge. I appreciate the industry and respect concrete as a product. I will always do all I can to make sure our customers receive high quality product and do so in the most efficient manner possible.

Kris Brown – Inside Sales, Manhole CAD

Kris started with Advantage Precast in 2016 after 2 years as a project manager of a local residential concrete repair and basement waterproofing company. He grew up in the Willamette Valley and graduated from George Fox University in Newberg OR. His background in concrete and project management is helpful to make each project with Advantage Precast, Inc. go smoothly and efficiently. He is committed to each customer to provide quality product on schedule.

Eric Hansberry – Custom CAD/Drafting

Eric began working at Advantage Precast in 2014. He had spent the past 17 years working in the excavation business, working his way up to Superintendent. After graduating in the top three in his class at Chemeketa Community College with a degree in Drafting, Eric became a member of the Advantage Precast team. His experience in the field as well as his drafting abilities have allowed Advantage Precast to increase its custom department manufacturing.

Doug Rodgers – Safety Director, Quality Control

Doug has worked in the construction-related field since 1988. Starting with packaging material in the metal roofing and siding industry, he progressed to truck loader, machine operator, shift lead, inside sales, Inventory Manager, Shift Supervisor, Transportation Manager and Production Manager.

Doug began working at Advantage Precast in October, 2013, to assist the Operations Manager in his duties. His increasing duties include Safety Director, Quality Control, and successfully preparing Advantage Precast to be certified through the National Precast Concrete Association {NPCA}.

During his free time, Doug has owned and operated a small diner in Salem, was on the board of directors for the Chariot Bus line and is co-chair of his neighborhood association.

Caleb Wechsler – Lead Estimator and Dispatcher

Caleb Wechsler is our lead estimator and dispatcher and has been working at Advantage Precast, Inc. since the Fall of 2015.

He served as an active-duty Aviation Electrician in the US Navy from 2007-2010 where he spent most his time working on H-60 Seahawk helicopters in San Diego and Pensacola. After getting out of the military, he moved back to Salem, Oregon, and worked as a technician for Garmin Aviation Technologies. During his time in the military, he learned the skills and acquired the certification needed to turn his military experience into a contracting position with a private company in Afghanistan.

He spent 2 years working contracts in Afghanistan as both a logistics specialist and a warehouse management position before heading to the eastern coast of China where he taught English as a Second Language for a year before coming back to the United States and starting employment at Advantage Precast, Inc.

Caleb is motivated to help the customer and will go above and beyond to do so. He currently resides in Salem, Oregon, with two cats and a dog.